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Sexemulator Review: one of the best sex emulators for today

Most of sex emulators are simple and have a small list of features.

But there are also serious large projects that have everything at once: a huge selection of locations, and very beautiful graphics, and a large selection of fetishes and types of actions. One of such project is the Sexemulator. If we were asked to make a rating of the top 10 porn simulators of our time, we would definitely include this game in it.

What can you do in Sexemulator?

  • Create a character with an appearance that will make you horny at first sight. Skin and hair color, breast size, character name all these can be customized. You can even choose a character with a real prototype: you can play with porn stars or even movie characters (did you fantasize about naked Daenerys Targaryen? Or Hermione Granger? Or Princess Leia? You can fuck them all!).
  • Select the viewing angle and distance of the camera. You can fully zoom in on the camera for close-up shots, or alternatively see the entire scene.
  • Choose the speed and intensity of your movements. After all, we cannot do without the most important thing! We love Sexemulator precisely for the opportunity to participate in the process, and not just be a spectator.
  • Choose a location. School? Beach? Bathroom? Or maybe you want to have sex in space? Castle? And that’s not all: the complete list is huge, and the developers are completing it.
  • Choose from a large list of sexual activities. The Sexemulator offer you foot fetish, oil show, bondage, whipping and even squirting, fisting, furries and tentacles! So this is an emulator for guys with different fetishes.
  • Play with other real people. Yes, Sexemulator is one of the MMO sex emulators. But if you don’t want to interact with other people, Sexemulator also has a standard NPC mode.

Advantages of Sexemulator

  • VERY realistic graphics. If your girlfriend will catch you during playing, she will think that you are just watching porn because girls look so real. Unless, of course, if you choose some unusual fetish (for example, furries or tentacles).
  • The interface of both the site and the game is available in several languages.
  • There are 3 levels of gameplay: soft, hard and extreme. Want a tantalizing dance and soft touch? Or do you want to participate in something wild and unstoppable?
  • Huge selection of possibilities. And by the appearance of the character, and by what can be done and where it will happen.
  • There is sounds! The girl not only moves, but also communicates with you in a pleasant voice. Moreover, in the language that you choose (a list of several is available).
  • The developers are serious about their project. They introduce new actions and locations, and even promise to create a VR version.
  • If you like it and want to buy a paid subscription, there will be so many open opportunities that you will forget about other sex games and porn for many months.

How to play in Sexemulator?

Sexemulator works in your browser, nothing needs to be downloaded and installed. The game is available on all platforms and devices.

The interface is very simple: you will see the scene on your screen. And on the sides (right and left) will be shown the controls that need to be clicked with the mouse. So you can do it with one hand (which is important).

Do I need registration and payment to play Sexemulator?

Not necessary.

Without registration and payment you can choose from 5 actions: anal, BJ (both of that actions are performed only with toys), spanking, playing with breasts and showing legs. A basic set of phrases and movements is also available without payment. Free functionality is enough for a first date with a nice ending. If you create an account (quickly and easily), then the number of opportunities will increase.

But if you are ready to take paid access, then you will get the maximum set of features that are not available in most other emulators. Full price list and tariff plans will be shown when registering an account.


Review Pros

  • Great hardcore games
  • Various content
  • Categorized titles

Review Cons

  • Limited sorting

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