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Assassin Seed Orgies

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Assassin Seed Orgies: review for sex-simulator about Ancient Egypt

Tired of jumping on rooftops and fighting NPCs in boring Assassin Creed? Do you want to know how else the ancient Egyptians had fun besides building the pyramids?

The intimate details of their life will be revealed to you by the sex simulator Assassin Seed: Orgies. The name is similar like original, but a few letters change the meaning fully. In this game, more explicit and adult entertainment is available to you. And you will definitely like them.

What does Assassin Seed look like?

Have you played Assassin Creed?

His adult brother looks about the same: similar costumes, similar locations. Only instead of the blade hidden in the sleeve, you will have to use another weapon. Show how good you are in the art of sex. Do you remember the history books? The ancient Egyptians knew a lot about such entertainment! Now you have a rare opportunity: to take part in them.

The main character’s quest is simple: have sex a lot, often, and with a lot of girls. And you can choose with whom exactly you need to do this. Have a real action game!

What is good about Assassin Seed: benefits

  • Unusual locations. In most sex simulators, developers pay little attention to the setting. In Assassin Seed, you get a rare opportunity: to take part in the orgies of Ancient Egypt.
  • Beautiful and realistic graphics. Everything we need is drawn beautifully and excitingly. Let’s be honest: there are sex simulators with more realistic graphics. But we think that maximum cinematic quality is not necessary. Simply put: everything looks great.
  • The sound is cool too. When developing many sex simulators, the creators save on good sound, and this is a minus. Everything in Assassin Seed sounds juicy, moist, and heightens the gaming experience.
  • The game runs in a browser. No need to take up space on your hard drive, no need to wait for download and installation: just bookmark Assassin Seed.
  • Group sex available. Here’s what we don’t like about many other games: 1v1 action only. Assassin Seed doesn’t have this problem: you can have fun with the extended roster as well.
  • It is available on tablet and phone. And this is a big plus: after all, adult content is often needed on a mobile device.
  • Management is simple and straightforward. We want to control the process, but we also want one hand to remain free.
  • Some of the content is available for free. You can try before making a decision about payment.
  • A wide variety of poses and sexual activities are available. Everything that happens is shown from the best angles. You can change positions during sex.

What do you need to start playing Assassin Seed?

Mobile gadget or computer. The game is available in a browser, so you don’t need to download and install anything.

Important: the graphics in the mobile version are slightly simpler than displayed on a laptop or computer. Therefore, if you want to get the best video quality, we recommend playing from a PC.

Do I need to pay and register?

It is mandatory to register.

To create an account, you need an email. You don’t need to pay right away: you can try Assassin Seed for free. The basic set of features is not super-huge, but you will get all the most basic. This is enough to conduct a test run (and not even one).

If you like it (and you will definitely like it), and if you want to get more gaming opportunities: the cost of a monthly subscription is $ 30. Most high quality sex simulators with good graphics are about the same price. It’s even cheap for a wide range of features, high-quality video and sound, an unusual plot and very sexy scenes!


Review Pros

  • Great hardcore games
  • Various content
  • Categorized titles

Review Cons

  • Limited sorting

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