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Apexxx Legends


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Apexxx Legends: review for one of the best sex game

Battle Royale isn’t just about shotguns, SMGs, and LRs!

The popular shooter has a more interesting and relaxed counterpart: Apexxx Legends. The name has changed only 2 letters, but this change is very successful, and accurately shows what we are going to do. In short: this is a cool sex simulator in which you can do something new (and more enjoyable) with familiar characters and in locations you know.

Now you will have to fight at the closest possible distance and with a different arsenal.

What can you do in Apexxx Legends?

  • Choose one of 8 available characters. As in any other game, each character has unique skills.
  • Chat with other players (if you choose MMO mode, and if you want to turn on the microphone) by voice.
  • Use in-game items. The arsenal is large and very interesting. You will definitely find the right item to enjoy the game.
  • Having sex. The developers definitely have a lot of experience in this matter. Because the player in Apexxx Legends has access to anything: from the simplest 1vs1 actions to group dominated hardcore scenes.
  • Unlock additional content. Apexxx Legends won’t get bored quickly due to the sheer amount of action and in-game items. And if you do try everything available, the developers will probably add something new by that time.

Advantages of Apexxx Legends compared to other sex games

  • Realistic and beautiful graphics. You might think that this is the usual Apex Legends, in which the characters decided to sort things out not with weapons, but in a more pleasant way.
  • You can play in MMO mode. Yes, you can have sex not only with an NPC, but also with a character controlled by another real person. Or not one, but several at once. But it’s up to you: if you don’t want to, you can only play with an NPC. Or you can arrange a virtual date with your real girlfriend and experiment.
  • Possible rough actions and group sex. There is so much variety in Apexxx Legends.
  • Simple and intuitive control. Regular Apex Legends has to be played with two hands, and that doesn’t suit us. In the Apexxx version, all actions are controlled with one hand, and this suits us.
  • A large set of non-standard features.
  • You can create the appearance of the character.
  • Frequent content updates.
  • There is a large amount of additional content (you can unlock it yourself or for an additional payment).

How to play Apexxx Legends?

The controls in Apexxx Legends are similar to those in most other sex simulators. We have a simple interface and mouse control. You will be able to choose actions from the available list, and select items (if necessary).

An interesting feature: in the MMO mode, communication with other players through the microphone is available (if you want).

Do I need to register and do I need to pay in Apexxx Legends?

Registration is required, even basic content is not available without it. You can create an account quickly by providing basic information about yourself.

Already created an account?

You don’t have to pay right away: Apexxx Legends is free to play. For such a sophisticated simulator, the free functionality in the game is great, it’s even surprising. But all the main goodies still require payment. The base plan costs $ 40 per month (less than what you spend on a cup of coffee every day). It unlocks a huge amount of content that will take you a long time to research.

In addition to the paid subscription, there is also other paid content for those who want to unlock even more possibilities of the sex emulator. You can get it for free if you take the time.


Review Pros

  • Great hardcore games
  • Various content
  • Categorized titles
  • apexxx

Review Cons

  • Limited sorting

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